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No-Waste New Year's Resolution

New Year's Day is almost here! This is the year to make a resolution you can keep: a no-waste new year's resolution. This year, pledge to do whatever you can to reduce the amount of waste you produce. No matter how big or small the decision at hand, keep it top-of-mind to ask yourself what impact your decisions have on your no-waste 2015.

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Everything You Didn’t Know About Recycling Plastic

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Down the Drain

Plastic water bottles should no longer be a wasted resource

Each day in the US more than 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away. Most end
up in landfills or incinerators, and millions litter America’s streets, parks and waterways.
How can America be spurred on to recycle more?

Today, the oldest liquid on earth is the number one ‘new age’ drink in the United States and in many countries throughout the world. While many noncarbonated beverages have experienced incredible growth over the past decade (such as ready-to-drink tea, fruit juices and sports drinks), noncarbonated bottled water is way ahead of the pack, with sales in the US expected to exceed US $10 billion in 2006.

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7 Ways that YOU can Celebrate Earth Day!

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What Impact Does Recycling Have on the Environment?

The question 'how does recycling help the environment' does not have one simple answer. There are many ways that recycling helps and even the smallest step can have significant results.

While we are all very aware that we 'should' recycle, it is not always clear 'why' we should recycle. Is there really a significant benefit in putting a soft drink can in a recycle bin and not just throwing it out with the trash? If we better understand what the benefits of recycling are and how does recycling help the environment - the more inclined we will be to embrace recycling as a natural and important part of life.

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Get Free Benches for Your City Parks

A bench can transform any area into a welcoming sight for people. These decorative and highly functional outdoor pieces of furniture can be placed practically anywhere, from a little extra space outside a building’s entrance to a small patio adjoining a facility to sidewalk at a strip mall.

Outdoor benches basically serve two purposes. First, conveniently placed benches provide a place for people to sit and relax before going inside or when waiting to be picked up. This is especially appreciated by the elderly and people who have to wait more than several minutes. Second, benches can add to the aesthetic value of a facility and improve the appeal of the property.

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12 Recycling Days of Christmas

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What a Stinky Mess!!

Anyone that has ever had a baby and changed diapers can understand what I mean by "What a Stinky Mess!" And those that have babysat an infant or even been nearby when an infant was changed out of a soiled diaper! Wow, can that stink!

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The decay of timber structures

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An article in Landscape News (the official journal of the British Association of Landscape Industries) has highlighted a worrying acceleration in the decay of timber structures that has been noted across the landscaping industry.

Softwood timber in contact with the ground is rotting well inside the anticipated lifespan of the product. These installations coincided with a change in legislation regarding wood preservatives. Modern day preservatives are based on copper and other biocides. These replace more industrial products such as chromated copper arsenates (CCA) sold up until the early 2000s. Since this transition, anecdotal evidence suggests that some timbers are rotting within 3-4 years.

Best practice from timber suppliers can ameliorate this problem by conditioning the timber in a kiln before preservatives are added, thus ensuring the correct moisture content, but this approach is not widespread and much softwood on the market is now prone to premature rot.

Note from Polly Products:

Using recycled plastic lumber eliminates the problem of rot, decay, or splintering, saving significantly on periodic treatment and replacement costs. We manufacture all of our products out of 100% recycled plastic for a more durable and cost effective alternative to other materials that are robbing our environment of our valuable natural resources. ”Green Products for a Green World” is our contribution to the saving of our planet. Polly Products are versatile and stylish and are found in schools, hospitals, parks, trails, sports and recreation facilities. Our craftsmen create and fabricate products that are shipped worldwide. Click Here to view our online flip page catalog of Econ-friendly products.


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The Recycling Journey of the Plastic Beverage Bottle


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